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Victoria Louise Mann
Always what I want!!
Best pizza I had in a long time, packed with topping, hot when it arrived, friendly driver. Thanks.
Janno Natka
All good!
Jay Mcdonald
Delivery time was within 30 mins. (was given a time frame of 40 mins) Good pizza base. Overall pretty tasty. 2nd time I've ordered from here, will use again.
Awesome. Perfect night in.
Peter Maidorn
Good pizza. Arrived way quicker than site estimate
Lynne Hendry
Great pizza and service!!!
Derek Hobbs
Excellent service guys, great pizzas
did not get what was ordered. one small pizza ordered an extra, mushroom. no mushroom. apart from that was ok.
Jimmy Ottaway
I made an order for a family size pizza at about 8:30pm. The site said it'd be ready in 10 - 15mins. I went there about 9pm ready to pick up my pizza and the guy at the front looked totally shocked to see me. I asked if there's a problem and he looked at the oven and said, I think it's not working. Turns out someone had kicked out the gas line outside by accident and nobody inside realised. How a pizza place doesn't realise their pizzas in the oven aren't actually cooking is beyond me. Anyway, they profusely apologised and fixed the gas line and cooked my pizza. When I finally received it, I opened the box and the pizza was burnt to a crisp. It was literally BLACK. I took it back and said I can't eat this. Had to wait another 15mins while they made it again. Finally they gave it to me, and this time it was a good pizza. They even gave me free garlic bread to apologise. I would've rated this 1/5 stars but the fact they were so nice and friendly, and they gave me free garlic bread I changed it to 3/5 stars.
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